Whole Body Disinfection Tunnel

We from Payal Engineering have launched India’s First Whole Body Disinfection Tunnel for Covid 19. As the whole world is suffering from CORONA pandemic and India also included in it but our government has awaken early and instantly decided to Lock Down so with effect of that we are controlled. We are engaged in manufacturing the Whole Body Disinfection Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel, called as a Disinfection Tunnel which is a Door and Tunnel type attractive design in which two sides enclosed with SS Sheet and other two sides are open for entry and exit purpose. These offered Disinfection Tunnels are also enclosed with plastic sheets.

When the human enters in the Disinfection Tunnel or Disinfection Machine at that time sensors which are placed on the top center and side center senses human body are give output to the circuit and circuit gets activated and whole system activates and all 15 sprayers gets activated and starting to spray towards center of the tunnel and all 15 sprayers sprays on the human body and it will automatically stops after 10-15 seconds. When Sprayer stops then human can exit from front side means exit side. So this Sanitizer Chamber machine can sanitize 4-5 humans in a minute and 250-300 humans in an hour.

Disinfection Tunnel Manufacturer in India

Why to use?

  • It can be used with working clothes.
  • By passing through mist sprayed tunnel, the risk of infecon can be reduced.
  • Provides safety from infecons, reduce the numbers of micro organisms present on human body or clothes.
  • Enhances the hygiene of people, vising staff and persons coming in contact with infected people.
Disinfection Tunnel for Covid 19
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Whole Body Disinfection Tunnel Manufacturer

The Product is useful for

  • Hospitals
  • Municipal Corporaons
  • Banks
  • Industries
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Government Offices
  • Housing Colonies
  • Bus Stands
  • Corporate Offices
  • Malls & Showrooms
  • Movie Theaters & Auditoriums
  • And all Public Ulity Places


  • A Made in India product to restrict the infecon at entry level.
  • Useful to disinfect the people passing through the tunnel within 20 to 30 seconds.
  • The mist spray consists of human friendly, natural and organic substance with alcohol base or your local material can be used (Liquid in clients scope ).
  • There are no side effects on skin and eyes from machine.
  • Tunnel is made with absolutely waterproof and weatherproof material.
  • The structure of the Disinfection Tunnel Machine is made from the Highest Quality Material for opmum hygiene, high quality and easy cleaning.
  • The tunnel is designed with user friendly interface for the users with full compliance of environmental needs and a quite operaon.
  • The installaon and maintenance of tunnel is very easy.
  • A product is pioneered and developed by the expert

Technical Specification

  • Personal Disinfecon Chamber
  • Aluminum Body Structure
  • PVC Curtains at Entry & Exit
  • Non Corrosive Wall & Roof
  • Auto Sensing Device
  • Sprinkler/Mist Nozzle: 10 nos
  • Consumpon : 1ltr/160sec
  • Size : 4X4X8  (DXWXH)
  • Sanizing Cycle : 10 sec with Buzzer Indicaon (Time is adjustable)
  • Applicaon : Hospital, Residency, Mall, School/Collage, Public Garden,
  • Commercial Complex
  • Oponal : Grass Mat, No. of Sprinkler, Roof Ligh

Sanitizing Liquid & Consumption

  • Lab tested sanizing liquid
  • Consumption of liquid is 1ltr/160 sec. The ideal sanizing cycle is 10sec, so 16 person can be sanized per liter.
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